Publisher’s Note

Cinda ShermanAs we all navigate our way through this COVID-19 world, Arbus Magazine has been diligently pressing forward. But unfortunately, the arts and small business communities are not faring well at this time and are hurting. 

Broadway is closed until 2021, Cirque du Soleil is filing for bankruptcy, and performing arts organizations of all kinds, including choirs, theaters, orchestras, and dance companies, are all trying to figure out how to keep going on a daily basis. 

“Never in our lives have we experienced such a global phenomenon. For the first time in the history of the world, all of humanity, informed by the unprecedented reach of digital technology, has come together, focused on the same existential threat, consumed by the same fears and uncertainties, eagerly anticipating the same, as yet unrealized, promises of medical science.” 

“The Unraveling of America.” Wade Davis

In a few short months, the world has been brought to its knees by a nearly invisible threat with a huge physical and cultural  impact. It has squashed the very thing that makes us human—connection.

Through this current crisis we, at Arbus Magazine, have been working  hard to reconnect with the community. Organizations and businesses, such as the Jacksonville Symphony, Jacksonville Zoo, and Theatre Jacksonville, along with many small business owners,  all need our support now. 

It is more important now than ever that our cultural community stay on the minds, and at the forefront, of as many people as possible.  With that aspiration, we have pulled together what historically has been our biggest issue of the year, the Annual Fall Arts issue. Although events are scheduled, most are uncertain and many organizations won’t even start up again until 2021. Yet, there are a handful of organizations who have made the  decision  to begin opening with strong safety precautions in place. Temperature checks and masks will be required for entry.

Come out and support the Jacksonville Symphony, Friday Musicale, Beaches Fine Arts Series, and others as they kick off their season. Mask up, be cautious, and enjoy the music.

Enjoy putting a little culture in your life.

It is somewhere on every corner!               

Cinda Sherman, Publisher