Publisher’s Note

This might be one of the most difficult Publisher’s Notes I’ve written in decades. It’s hard to find the words to articulate all that has been going on globally with the COVID-19 pandemic. This far-reaching and relentless virus has brought the world to its knees. The world didn’t stop for just a day, it stopped for months. It has made us all feel paralyzed  and helpless and undoubtedly, its effect will be with us for many  years to come. In addition to the deaths of thousands of individuals, it will also be the death of many small businesses, cultures, and ways of life. The world weeps and I too weep for friends who have lost their jobs and livelihoods, my community, and for struggling local businesses. 

Through all of this, we have created new ways of life, living, and doing business. Through isolation we find strength in the importance of friendships, family, and connection. We’ve learned to honor and respect the space of others and we have become humble about our own mortality. And for all of the ugliness in the world, compassion rises: People are out delivering food to their neighbors and those in need. 

The shutting down of many big industrial plants and slowing of traffic and consumerism has also cleared much of the world’s pollution. Wildlife and nature are rebounding. There are many lessons to be learned through this pandemic. 

During this pandemic we here at Arbus Magazine have continued to work and push through, knowing that when this is over people will be ready to reconnect with their community.  We want to make sure to reconnect with you as well. What better way to do that than with art and architecture? We’d like to thank all of the architects and businesses who participated in this 24th Annual Art & Architecture issue.

  “We can design new gathering experiences that allow for human interaction more safely and reinvent existing spaces that prioritize public health, function, and aesthetics that make gathering together more worthwhile.”

Architects and designers are always at the forefront of change and are already addressing the evolving nature of creating spaces that prioritize health and the function and safety of the built environment. 

Enjoy putting a little culture in your life. 

It is somewhere on every corner!              

Cinda Sherman, Publisher