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Cinda Sherman

Art soothes the soul and has been an important healing and wellness approach for a long time. The experience can be shared in many forms including creative art projects like those designed by Art With a Heart in Healthcare through Wolfson Children’s Hospital and through the various forms of music and sound created by Streams of Sound using handpans.

Our journey together with nature is fragile.

The medical community has long acknowledged the healing powers of art and its importance in space and place. Baptist Hospital and Wolfson Children’s Hospital share a desire to “holistically promote healing by addressing the body, mind, and spirit through the integration of advanced medical care, architecture, and art,”  explains architect Frank Brooks of FreemanWhite.

Living is a gift. 

Baptist and Wolfson Children’s new Entry Building/Critical Care Tower speaks to its mission. While the new entryway physically reorients the medical campus, the values at the core of the exterior and interior design have always been at the heart of Baptist and Wolfson Children’s. “For Baptist Health, there is always a level of concern about all elements of the aesthetic and practical environment, and how it impacts a patient’s journey.” 

Time is a gift.

Enjoy your gift of time riding an electric art bike with friends and checking out local art and stunning, bigger-than-life murals. These bikes do the work for you, giving you freedom to explore our city’s art, architecture, parks, and points of interest without breaking a sweat.  New, custom bikes are being designed every month, and a visit to the Art Bikes website shows photos of the unique creations. Arbus Magazine inspired two ebikes, dubbed “Arbus 1” and “Arbus 2,” with colorful art by local muralist Jason Tetlak.

Enjoy putting a little culture in your life. There truly is art around every corner!

Cinda Sherman, Publisher      

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