Publisher’s Note

Cinda Sherman

What makes a great city?

Art and Architecture.

World-class cities not only have exquisite museums, art galleries, and performing arts, they are also surrounded by architectural icons and public spaces that create a vibrant environment.

One of the greatest gifts and partnerships we at Arbus Magazine have ever cultivated is the one that we have with local architects and the AIA Jacksonville Chapter. For 25 years we have partnered with local architects and AIA Jacksonville to bring this annual Art and Architecture issue to our Northeast Florida community. We are beyond honored to have developed this relationship, based on immense trust and creativity, to bring you this issue. Architects are a wonderfully quirky, creative, and talented breed of people and we LOVE them all.  Thank you to all the architects who have supported us over these past 25 years.

“Architecture in Our City by the River: 25 Years in the Past, the Present, and the Promise of the Future”

Our city has faced many challenges over several decades, especially since the Great Fire more than a hundred years ago. It has struggled with identity and creative leadership.  “A vibrant city center requires vibrant city leaders. With that comes great architectural opportunity; invigorating planning options; and award-winning buildings, bridges, parks, and happy people living downtown. Perhaps then we will be able to take greater pride in our architectural accomplishments in the context of our vibrant, world-class city by the St. Johns River,” says architect John Zona.

However, even with all of the challenges in the past and that still lie ahead, many local architects truly believe in Jacksonville and have great hope for the next quarter century. After seeing all of the spectacular new projects on the horizon, we must agree. Once you see some of those projects featured in this issue of Arbus, we think you will too.

One of Jacksonville’s newest and most exciting initiatives is Riverfront Parks Now, a nonprofit organization whose members share a vision of an iconic Jacksonville riverfront. We are excited to see what this group will achieve moving forward.

Enjoy this special issue and continue to absorb culture into
your life. 

Cinda Sherman, Publisher      

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