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Cinda Sherman

As a result of COVID-19, attendance to museums and galleries has decreased significantly. However, don’t let that stop you from enjoying and engaging in the local cultural experience. Jacksonville is fortunate to have an amazing outdoor art gallery of world-class public art. Yet many locals are unaware of the incredible large-scale murals in the urban core that were created by local and internationally renowned artists.

“Art is the best medium for creating great change to any area or culture.” ~ Jessica Santiago, founder of ArtRepublic

ArtRepublic has worked tirelessly since 2016 to curate 52 large-scale murals in the urban core area. Alongside murals commissioned by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, it is now almost impossible to walk around any corner in downtown Jacksonville and not see a mural.

Jacksonville’s public art offerings have expanded tremendously, with murals as the anchor to provide a positive impact and help foster a cultural identity for the city. Considering that the majority of the city’s murals have only materialized within the past five years, it’s easy to take for granted that Jacksonville’s urban core is as colorful as it is today.

“Arts and culture are critical to helping tell a community’s story.”
~ Daniel Davis, president and CEO of JAX Chamber

The murals downtown tell the story of  Jacksonville and its environs. Murals that convey the demands for social justice such as Black Lives Matter and the recently completed “Lift Every Voice” series that include murals that pay tribute to Augustus Savage’s “The Harp” sculpture and A. Philip Randolph. A Jacksonville resident, Randolph left town in 1911 in hopes of becoming an actor in Harlem. Instead, he led the country’s first predominately Black labor union and organized Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington in 1963.

Making a Place for Jacksonville

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Enjoy putting a little culture in your life.

Go on a healthy journey of cultural engagement.

Cinda Sherman, Publisher  

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