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Architecture in Our City by the River: 25 Years in the Past, the Present, and the Promise of the Future

To celebrate our 25th annual Art & Architecture issue, we asked some of Jacksonville’s most prominent architects and professionals involved in downtown development about their thoughts regarding our city’s architecture in the past 25 years, the present, and what we can expect in the next 25 years.

AIA Vision for Downtown Jacksonville

Born out of a desire to create a unique identity that connects us, the Jacksonville chapter of the American Institute of Architects has a vision … to use our greatest asset as a catalyst for connectivity, entertainment, education, and enjoyment.

25th Annual Architectural Design & Build Projects

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Southern Grounds Avondale—Gathering Together

Southern Grounds is purposefully airy and bright, no dark corners here. “We wanted the whole place to be energetic and full of life and convey that sense of hospitality as well,” says Janasik. “We are very grateful to Group 4 Design in San Marco. Leigh Gunn and her team have done an amazing job with aesthetics, color, artwork, and tile selection. Everything that makes us who we are, they enhance by the architectural design.”

Making a Place for Jacksonville

Whether you are downtown, on the Westside, in Durkeeville, or out at the beaches, Jacksonville’s public art offerings have expanded tremendously, with murals as the anchor to provide a positive impact and help foster a cultural identity for the city. Considering that the majority of the city’s murals have only materialized within the past five years, it’s easy to take for granted that Jacksonville’s urban core is as colorful as it is today.

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