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Art As Action

In March, 2020, the world changed. Here in the United States, along with elsewhere across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down businesses, schools, and even natural spaces like beaches and parks. With the exception of healthcare and other essential workers, most of us hunkered down and lived our lives moving very little and in small orbits. But, traumatic events were still unfolding as spring turned to summer, and new tragedies of racial injustice took place that sparked a surge in protests for equity. Within this swirl of inaction meeting action, artists everywhere were commenting on the times just as they have historically done.

The Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville: Vital to the Survival of the Arts During the Pandemic

A conversation with Cultural Council Executive Director Joy Young

Theatre Intermission

In March, Theatre Jacksonville hit pause on its celebratory 100th season to begin navigation of uncharted territory. Responses to their recent survey made it clear—no one wants to do anything to jeopardize the health and safety of themselves or anyone else. People are the organization’s lifeblood, no one is expendable: not the camp students, patrons, actors, sound and lighting technicians, stage hands, set and costume designers and builders, ushers, or the board members.

27th Annual Fall Arts Calendar

It is more important now than ever that our cultural community stay on the minds, and at the forefront, of as many people as possible. With that aspiration, we have pulled together what historically has been our biggest issue of the year, the Annual Fall Arts issue and its extensive Fall Arts Calendar. Although events are scheduled, most are uncertain and many organizations won’t even start up again until 2021. Yet, there are a handful of organizations who have made the  decision  to begin opening with strong safety precautions in place. Temperature checks and masks will be required for entry. Please check with the individual organizations. 

Life Unfolding: Art as Respite

Hillary Whitaker Gallery is highlighting two artists this fall, Christina Foard and Wyanne Thompson, whose works beckon with vibrant color and shape. While primarily abstract, the works give hints from life that add to their narrative qualities and ability to connect with viewers through their unfolding stories.

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