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Quarantine Marketing

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lives, and in many ways, the changes will be permanent. The idea that this is a fixed moment in time that is abnormal, and that we will return to normal, has ceased to be the prevailing mindset. Every sector of life has had to quickly evolve, and marcom is certainly no exception. 

A Little Bird in Big Trouble

The Florida grasshopper sparrow is a home-grown Florida wonder. An extremely secretive bird that rarely flies very high, it never wanders far from its nest and it doesn’t migrate. It acts more like a rodent nesting on the ground and its odd trill call sounds less like a typical songbird and more like its namesake, the grasshopper.

The ‘Swan Dive’ Mural

In life there are certain times of mastery, when elements, people, and events conspire together to create magical intersectionality. It happened, ironically, during the COVID-19 quarantine, when people were more physically apart than together, more disconnected than connected, and with more time on their idle hands and seemingly nothing to do with it. 

Remembering Jan

Jan Sherman, Arbus Magazine editor, died May 10, 2020, leaving behind a legacy of productions and prose that illustrate her commitment to the creative sector, her exacting eye, confident poise, and straightforward wit.

The Arts Are Needed Now More Than Ever

There has been great uncertainty across the world recently, where things many have previously taken for granted — health, food, financial security — are no longer as secure as they seemed, while those who were already experiencing hardship find themselves struggling more. With all this as a backdrop, the arts might seem like a low priority. I would counter that the arts are needed now more than ever, not only to help us reflect but also to provide moments of peace and respite in this ever-changing world.

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