2015 Arbus Magazine Gold Star Restaurants

3-panel MailerThis is what we’ve always thought, here at Arbus: If you’re going to dine out and spend your hard-earned dollars, shouldn’t you be discriminating about where you choose to go? After all, there are many choices in the City of Jacksonville alone, and we also have the pleasure of having St. Augustine nearby with its distinct options, not to mention the Beaches.

3-panel Mailer


The eateries you’ll find here are not just some of our favorites, but specifically locally owned favorites. As a local arts and business publication, we feel it is our duty to introduce you to locally owned spots. Therefore, you won’t see some of the popular corporate/chain restaurants that are indeed loved here. You’ll see restaurants run by locals who are working hard to infuse our neighborhoods with quality, personality, and reliably great food.



These are restaurants that help make each of our distinctive neighborhoods a destination. As we compile this list each year, it makes us proud to be Jacksonvillians; there are so many creative entrepreneurs here offering wonderful eating experiences, we hope you’ll be inspired to try them all. (Yes, that’ll take awhile.) Enjoy!

As always, if you think we’ve overlooked a spot, shoot us an email at arbus@arbus.com and we’ll check it out…maybe even with you.

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