25 Top Celebratory Interior Design Trends for 2021

By Marsha Faulkner, Studio M Interior Design, Inc.

While Arbus is celebrating 25 years of architecture and design, we’re doing a little celebrating ourselves with the top 25 design tips and trends for 2021.

1. Shop local. It may be a global economy but it’s local artisans that make the world go around. Hire a local craftsman for your next project.  #lovelocal

A touch of black

2. Color. Trends come and go, but right now color is back. If you are new to the color game, consider adding a signature color to your spaces in small ways. Or go big and bold!  #notafraid

3. Shop vintage. It is said there are no new ideas, just reimagined ones. While we love this, we also have a special appreciation for the originals. Instead of purchasing a reproduction piece made to look old, consider vintage or antiques. #vintageforsale

4. “Every room needs a touch of black…” —Dorothy Draper. The elegance and depth the color black bring to a space are unparalleled and it works in every palette. Add subtle touches to hardware, tile grout, etc., or add major touches with black walls or furniture. #blackisthenewblack

Creative lighting

5. Creative lighting. With so many fabulous fixtures, why settle for boring? Consider adding out-of-the-box fixtures that mimic nature and add a touch of sophistication. A sleek and modern fixture can add zip to a more traditional setting. Consider lighting areas you normally would overlook such as toe kicks at cabinets, stair rails, and behind-wall mirrors. #poweroflight

6. Customization! Why settle for the same thing everyone else has? Almost everything you need for your home can be customized. Even fun appliances, such as Samsung, have customizable knob options in bronze, copper, or graphite. #samsung, #customkitchen

7. Use patterns. It is the opinion of this designer that adding pattern in small and large ways creates a more dynamic space. Walls, floors, tiles, fabrics, paneling—there are myriad choices! #patterndesign

Mirror, mirror

8. Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Have a darker area that could use some brightness? Mirrors are not just for walls. Consider well-made mirrored furniture or adding a mirror inside a bookcase, cabinet, or backsplash. Also, don’t overlook eglomise or antique mirrors. These add texture as well as shine. #reflection

9. Add a touch of nature. As humans, we naturally crave nature. Bring the outdoors in by adding live plants to your space. Incorporate the colors of nature with wall coverings and fabrics that feature the outdoors. This trend is always in vogue. #colorofnature

10. Update plumbing fixtures. This simple move offers a tired bathroom an immediate lift.  There are many new styles and finishes—matte white anyone?  PS: Don’t forget the toilet! #refreshyourbath

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Author: Arbus

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