30th Anniversary Pearl issue Timeline

The ABC’s of 30 Years ofthe Arts, Business, and Culture

Introduction by Wayne W. Wood 

Design by Natalie McCray

Since its auspicious beginning three decades ago, Arbus has been acclaimed for its striking covers and creative content. The nearly 300 covers of Arbus have consistently been works of art unto themselves—resplendent graphic compositions by mostly local artists that not only show off the depth of our homegrown talent but also serve as eye-catching invitations to explore the stellar content inside the magazine.

No other local publication has met the high standards of artistic quality of its covers as those that Arbus has produced, year after year.

At the same time, the pages inside Arbus have been replete with insightful writing, noteworthy graphic design, and exceptional illustrations. While celebrating our museums, galleries, artists, philanthropists, writers, and performers, Arbus has itself become a cultural institution.

The magazine was founded in 1993 by Cinda Sherman, who at the time had little money or publishing experience, but the challenges of starting a new publication were overcome by her huge dreams, cultural savvy, and business acumen. Sherman’s vision was to create a monthly publication that would bridge the gap between the arts and business communities. It filled a need that no one else had recognized.

“I wanted Arbus to work as an extension for museums, galleries, artists, and the community,” says Sherman. “My goal has always been to educate, inform, and inspire our readers; to support local businesses and nonprofits; and to promote the artists and performers who enhance our lives in Northeast Florida.”

From those early years when she published the magazine in a friend’s basement and distributed it from the trunk of her car, Arbus has grown to a readership of nearly 100,000.

“The arts are not a luxury,” she emphasizes. “They are, in fact, economic drivers that are vital to Northeast Florida’s prosperity and future. By showcasing both artists and the businesses that enable the arts, Arbus has an uncompromising focus on the economic and cultural well-being of community.”

To celebrate Arbus’s 30-year milestone, the pages that follow display many of the magazine’s exemplary covers  and highlights from its wide-ranging content.

Individually, the covers are remarkable. When seen collectively, they reveal the broad scope of our community’s talent, as well as the depth and breadth of Arbus’s involvement with our local cultural scene.

Amplifying the panoramic view of the magazine’s covers is a condensed synopsis of the thousands of articles that Arbus has presented since its inception. This serves as a veritable timeline of the evolution of our arts community during the magazine’s existence. The incredible variety and timeliness of the topics have helped shape our collective thinking about what is important.

So happy birthday, Arbus. You have enriched our community in a wonderful way.

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