30th Anniversary Publishers Note

Arbus Magazine’s. 30th Anniversary

A little over 30 years ago, the desire to explore the impact of art and culture on our daily lives and business success became part of my personal journey. 

As a professional stockbroker with a Series 7 license, I found myself broke and unemployed after the Black Monday stock market crash of October 1987. I needed to reinvent myself, and thus the idea for Arbus was born.

Why An Arts and Business Magazine?

It’s pretty simple. The arts were an integral part of my upbringing. My mother was an actress, and my father was a flamenco guitar player and a college professor, and our family moved to St. Augustine to be part of Cross and Sword, Florida’s official state play. My brother and I were both in the play at an early age. The arts continued to inspire me in my adult life. Whenever I needed to regain some personal direction, it was always the arts community that I would turn to for solace and a sense of place. 

As a graduate of Flagler College, I understand how important education is to feel empowered and to become engaged with something otherwise foreign to most. I set out to create a publication dedicated to exploring and promoting the arts in all its forms and connecting the business community at the same time. Flagler is a special gem of a college, and I will be forever grateful for the insights and well-rounded education it provided to me.

Our goal at Arbus is to educate the community and to provide tools to empower curiosity and engagement. The arts are essential for personal growth and community connection and vital to the future prosperity of the businesses in Northeast Florida.

The past three decades have been quite a journey that would not have been possible without the support of the members of our community—advertisers, contributors, staff, advisors, and, of course, our readers. You all have made the continuation and growth of Arbus possible. Thank you to each and every one!

We can all grow and learn and be inspired and connected through the arts. 

Cinda Sherman, Publisher/Founder Arbus Magazine

Author: Arbus

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