5: Cantore, Watson, Ober, St. Germain, Hitzig

5 apsept 9 – 23 
Five perspectives inspired by nature and driven by passion.
Virginia Cantore’s work captures the rhythms of nature: water, air and life forms, and presents them with the simple beauty of a brush stroke depicting their poetic natural shapes and forms.
Allison Watson, a lifelong environmentalist, creates images of the natural world with rich painterly canvases representing the vanishing and endangered wild places that must be protected.
Susan Ober’s strong ongoing interest in portraiture leads her to capture, preserve, magnify and reveal her interpretive discoveries of nature’s transient subjects with an illuminating intensity.
Mary St. Germain’s inspiration is sparked by the natural world that drives her exploration and manipulation of color with complexities that capture her reflections on life, time, and seeds of new beginnings.
Laurie Hitzig’s sensitive ongoing exploration of birds and nature forms, interpreted in mixed media, resonate with considerations of spirituality, feminism and strength in a highly personal, reflective, and introspective way.
Reception: Saturday, September 9, 6–9 p.m. CoRK arts district, 2689 Rosselle St.

Author: Arbus

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