Israel … A True Enigma.

is 3Adventures in the Holy Land

Traveling the mysteries

Truthfully, Israel was never on my “must go to” list before now. Possibly because it has been at perpetual war. This pinky- sized state is surrounded by massive countries that are constantly at war with their neighbors and who have, since the beginning of time, declared war on Israel at one time or israel 1another. The history is complex and deep.
Israel is so small you can drive from one side to the other in about four hours and it looks the size of a peanut on the world map. Undeterred, Israel stands strong, and lives tall and extremely proud. And proud they should be; in the past 63 years they have rebuilt themselves to become one of the strongest economies in the word. Scholars, mathematicians, scientists, doctors and is5professionals of all kinds come from all over the world in search of something sacred. Israel’s mysteries draw them.

Photos by Natalie McCray, words by Cinda Sherman

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Israel hotel and tours:
For hotels make your reservations through an online site such as
But do NOT pay in advance as you risk being charged twice.
1) Alegra Boutique Hotel • Ein Kerem in Jerusalem
2) Arcadia Ba’Moshava – Boutique Hotel in the German Colony • Jerusalem
3) The Diaghilev hotel • Tel Aviv
4) Rothschild Mansion • Haifa
Eat at:
1) Taizu Restaurant an ASIATerranean Kitchen in Tel Aviv • Reservations a MUST
2) Menza in Jerusalem and have their grapefruit, Aperol, white sangria.
3) Machneyuda in Jerusalem. Reservations a MUST  •
Private Guide/tours:
1)  Amir Katz •
     Responds quickly with any questions and will constumize your tours.
2) eXteriorate – Adventure Travel
3) Entrance to the Western Wall tunnels require advance reservations.
The Western Wall Heritage Foundation and Chain of Generations Center
4) Tiberias Hot Springs •

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