And just like that, here we are in 2024. What a roller coaster these past few years have been as Arbus Magazine entered its 30th anniversary year. 

Celebrating Art, Artists, & Ideas 100 Years

January 2024 is the launch of a year of celebration that marks a significant point in the history for our fine city and reaches beyond local impact into the history of art and culture in our country.  The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville celebrates its 100th anniversary, holding the distinction of being the first visual arts organization in the city of Jacksonville, as well as the oldest art museum in the region and the second contemporary art museum to be established in the United States, after only the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. 

The St. Augustine Art Association is also celebrating its centenary. St. Augustine, known for its rich history and vast cultural tapestry, has long been the home and inspiration of many artists. It’s also home to the St. Augustine Art Association (STAAA), a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating, supporting, and promoting visual arts in the community. What started as a modest collective of artists gathering for artistic companionship has blossomed into a foundational organization that is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Enhancing Education with the Arts

The arts play a pivotal role in education. Involvement in the arts supports a student’s social and emotional learning and empowers them to succeed inside school and out. Not only do arts programs motivate children to come to school, but they also help reduce stress, sharpen communication, and fuel social and emotional development. Jacksonville is fortunate to have a wealth of arts education programs across all art forms that allow our students to not only learn how to express themselves in the classroom but support their future career growth.

There is art around every corner.        

Cinda Sherman, Publisher     

It’s all somewhere on every corner!                          

Author: Arbus

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