Anne Oliver: Universal Connections

Tequila Sunrisethru jun 30
“To be human is to feel, to love passionately, to regret, to mourn, to celebrate, to partake in life, to fight with everything in our being to simply be able to breathe the air of freedom,” says Anne Oliver. “For so many of us, to be human presents itself through the constant fight every day to simply exist. It is the perennial struggle to matter, to be heard … the lone voice in the cacophony of life. Each of us has our own unique story to tell. And through my art is how I tell mine.”
Universal Connections includes two main series: Intersections and Trees. Both interpretations signify these common experiences and emotions and are articulated by the exploration of mutual connections.
Jacksonville International Airport, Haskell Gallery, (904) 741-3546.

Author: Arbus

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