The Art of 3D Printing

A Palette of Disciplines

Michael Cottrell

Michael Cottrell

3D printing is proving to be an exciting new creative medium for artists, and work by three noted local experts in the field will be on view at Daryl Bunn Studios, from Saturday, October 15 through the following Friday.

The Artists

Julia DeArriba-Montgomery began 3D printing back in 2009, with a plaster based printer in the Digital Media lab at Florida State College at Jacksonville. An interdisciplinary artist, DeArriba-Montgomery says, “It’s freeing to create work that could live off the computer screen.” She likes mixing different mediums together, “trying to find just the right recipe.”

 Julia Dearriba-Montgomery

Julia Dearriba-Montgomery

Currently, she works with 3D prints, wood, and copper to create complex objects and then combines them with simplified forms. “3D fits very nicely within my world,” she says.
DeArriba-Montgomery’s process is a blend of traditional and digital techniques, and working with both physical    and virtual material is crucial in the overall process when creating digital prints and sculptures. Using both plaster and plastic 3D printing techniques for her digitally fabricated works, she tends to focus on natural and abstracted natural forms. In her 3D sculptures, nature plays the major role.
DeArriba-Montgomery typically starts at the computer, building sculptures through the abstraction of the natural “to reveal form in a different light.” She revisits some forms, such as the moth or lotus flower: “I like to show these forms

Clint Burbridge and his 3D sculptures.

Clint Burbridge and his 3D sculptures.

during different stages, beginning, middle and end.” She may go through several iterations, printing and reprinting objects until she gets it just right; then introduces wood and copper. After some reworking and adjusting it all balances out to a finished piece. “I like the ability to create complex objects and then combine them with simplified forms,” she says.


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Article written by Jim Alabiso

Author: Arbus

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