Curating Confidence

A Large Scale Boost for Student Art

Curating Confidence is a year-round initiative of Jacksonville’s Cathedral Arts Project (CAP). It is designed to help foster self-confidence in students through recognition of their artwork on what is literally a large scale. Curating Confidence pairs visual arts and performing arts students together with education supporters, to foster and showcase select work prominently in schools. Curating Confidence serves as a platform to emphasize the importance of art education, while bolstering the confidence of CAP students in the process.

Cathedral Arts Project Open House

Cathedral Arts Project Open House

Students involved in Curating Confidence learn to work together better, handle conflict and communicate with peers, while gaining assurance that their talent for the arts is as important and award-worthy as sports or traditional academic accomplishments. The arts also become a catalyst for success with school work in math and reading for those involved in the project.
How Does the Initiative Work?

Cathedral Arts Project Open House

Cathedral Arts Project Open House

• Donors sponsor works of art or performances created by CAP students in the afterschool programs.
• Large-scale reproductions of individual works of art are created for chosen work.
• Reproductions of chosen works are displayed prominently in the school after a family award ceremony is held.
• A future goal is for reproductions to become part of a traveling exhibit and available for purchase, and for the work to be highlighted in the annual Cathedral Arts Project Performing Arts Showcase.

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