It’s in the Details: Pompeii Quartz and TopZero Seamless Sinks

Bee Tree Homes’ recent build in Queen’s Harbour Yacht & Country Club incorporates two smart kitchen upgrades by Any Old Stone: a TopZero seamless, rimless stainless steel sink and Pompeii Quartz countertops.

The only true seamless, rimless stainless steel sink for kitchen and bathrooms, the TopZero sink is the new alternative to the undermount sink. Their sleek beauty and flawless, vanishing-edge appearance offers aesthetics as well as hygiene to solid surface countertops. Undermount sinks are preferred to drop-in sinks, but they still have one disadvantage – there is a joint between the countertop and the underside that is sealed to the countertop with silicone, creating a bead that is tough to keep clean. With all the moisture around the sink area, this bead can promote bacteria growth and the eventual degradation of the actual silicone. TopZero’s rimless stainless steel edge has resolved the undermount bead and completely eliminated the bacterial growth and eventual degradation of the silicone since no joint is present or silicone is used in the mounting.

Pompeii Quartz
Pompeii Quartz is a natural surface material made from pure quartz bound with resin and inorganic pigments, and manufactured using the most advanced and latest technology from Breton, Italy. It is available in slabs and tiles. Advantages of Pompeii Quartz products include: Easy Care – just wipe with soap and water Extreme density, reducing absorption, cracking and chipping High resistance to heat, scratches and abrasion Extreme stain resistance High resistance to chemicals and acids High resistance to mold, mildew and bacteria Limited 15 year warranty

Powerful Benefits 
Pompeii Quartz’ resin-based compound stone products mainly consist of innumerable particles of quartz, set very close to each other thanks to use of the exclusive Bretonstone System technology of vibro-compression under vacuum. A structure is formed by chains of polymers that wrap themselves around each individual particle of quartz and then, once the chemical links have been set, bind them permanently together by means of an adhesion promoter. Such a promoter adheres to the molecules of quartz through a silicon-functional bond and to the chains of polymers by way of an organic-functional bond. The result is a compound material, not existing in nature, which represents an ideal product for the modern building industry. Visit Any Old Stone and see these cutting-edge products for yourself.

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