Fritz Henle’s Photographs of Frida Kahlo

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Internationally-recognized photographer Fritz Henle’s iconic photographs of Frida Kahlo (1943) in her home environment, and other works, are on exhibit in St. Augustine. Henle started his career in Germany in 1928. He traveled through the Mediterranean, India, China, and Japan in the pre-war 1930s and immigrated to the US in 1936. As a freelance photojournalist, Henle worked for Life Magazine and was a fashion and portrait photographer throughout the ’40s and ’50s in New York. As a documentarist, he traveled to Asia, Mexico, Paris, the USA, the Caribbean, and finally settled on St. Croix in 1958.

Henle’s riveting photography has been published in nineteen books. His photographs were featured in Life Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Town & Country, and the Sunday New York Times. He was noted as a creative visionary with exceptional technique, a keen sense of composition, and a determination to capture the beauty of life. One of the best known photographers of his time in America, Henle has been described by the late photo historian Helmut Gernsheim as the last of the great classical photographers.

Lost Art Gallery, 210 St. George Street, C-1, St. Augustine, (904) 827-9800.

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