Gold Star Restaurants

arbus gold starIn this, our annual issue that champions excellence in local dining, we share restaurants that are favorites of both Arbus‘ staff and Arbus‘ friends and readers. Specifically, locally-owned ones. We listen to the buzz of the new and go back to the tried-and-true, ending up with these spots—the places that we feel make our neighborhoods distinctive destinations and our city a fun place to explore through dining. • An exciting group of local entrepreneurs and chefs has emerged this year with the exact agenda we have in mind as we put together this list each year. Forking Amazing Restaurants, or FAR, sums it up with their motto: “Locally Owned. Locally Operated. Locally Loved.” The motto refers to their collection of Forking Restaurants, three in operation and two in the works, that explore the relationship between food and wine in unique settings. It also could easily be our tagline for the Gold Star List. You can read more about FAR below, as well as many other local restaurants that make Jacksonville’s culinary scene interesting, enticing, and of course delicious, in different ways. • As always, if you think we’ve overlooked a spot, shoot us an email at and we’ll check it out…maybe even with you.

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