Why hire an Architect?

why-hire-markmaccoMark Macco, AIA, NCARB
Mark Macco Architects

The metric for any successful project is an outcome that works aesthetically, environmentally and financially. All of these elements can only be orchestrated by a single conductor – the architect: the only professional with the unique skill set to pull it all together, resulting in healthier communities and an overall better quality of life.
With every design decision, architects must consider five elements: cost, function, aesthetics, time and sustainability. This is in essence what an architect does. Yes, we produce drawings, but the real asset to any project is the ability to think on many levels and to fully understand the domino effect of every design decision, both on a macro and micro scale. This skill set is invaluable to any project.

why-hire-Karie-KovacocyKarie Kovacocy, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP
Group 4 Design, Inc.

Balance would be a short and concise answer to a reason for hiring an architect. The culture at Group 4 Design has been focused on striving to find that balance between time and quality, compliance and aesthetic, program and budget. Owners who make the conscious decision to hire a licensed architecture firm will reap the benefits of a staff knowledgeable on project schedule and feasibility, concentrating on the sensitivity of the built and natural environment. With a firm grasp of local and federal codes, architects provide invaluable insight about life safety, structural integrity and accessibility; ensuring projects will satisfy the stringent regulations in the most innovative and aesthetic ways   possible. The right architect is also a balance of personal and professional compatibility with the client’s program, personality and budget. The architect’s most impressive tool is the act of balancing art and engineering.



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