Joe Segal Juxtapositions of Hope

By Caitlin Flynn  

Joe Segal’s sculptures exist in a juxtaposed world calling the viewer to ruminate and reflect. At first glance, the sculptures appear simple, but then you see the laborious process infused; raw wood and polished metal. Simple in shape yet complex in detail. Rough nature and streamlined development. Some acting as reliefs, others standing on their own—they are defiant and reflective; simple and complex. Perhaps it is the contrasts that pull you in. You will find yourself standing before them, lost in thought, and a lot calmer.

 Segal is a contemporary sculptor based out of North Florida. He has exhibited in New York City, Paris, Hawaii, Atlanta, and Miami. Born in New York City, he often returned to visit family and galleries and museums. Segal says, “All of my formative experiences happened at the Metropolitan Museum.” 

 It was in the middle of a particularly cold winter when Segal was attending college in upstate New York that he learned one of his roommate’s uncles had an apartment in St. Augustine. The major selling point was when the friend said, “It never snows there.” The rest is history. He moved to St. Augustine sight unseen with his friend in the 80s and found he was most comfortable in Lincolnville.

 Segal worked physical jobs in asphalt, construction, and demolition. When he met Theresa Danahy, now his wife, she was taking commercial art classes at Flagler College. Theresa saw his drawings and encouraged Segal to take some art classes at Flagler. Segal reflects, “After my first 3-D class with Enzo Torcoletti I knew this is what I wanted to do.”

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Author: Arbus

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