Lana Shuttleworth at The Cummer

Thru Sept. 23

“Unique” is a term so often thrown around that it rarely retains its meaning. However, the work of sculptor Lana Shuttleworth is unique in the truest sense of the word. She makes large-scale landscapes (she calls them “wall constructions”) out of traffic safety cones. No other artist does what she does. Utilizing a surprisingly wide-ranging palette of colored traffic cones, she carves them up into tiny shards and attaches them to wooden panels, creating impressionistic landscapes that defy description. These luminous mosaics convey the artist’s commitment to the environment, transforming ubiquitous plastic clutter into sumptuous works of art.

Her work is currently featured in the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens’ inaugural Pop-up Art Gallery, a space dedicated to connecting regional artists and collectors.

The Cummer Museum, 829 Riverside Ave., 356-6857.

Author: Arbus

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