The Marble Bank Building

The Marble Bank Building—A Glimpse into Jacksonville’s Past and Future

Stepping through the now boarded-up entryway you aren’t quite sure what to expect. Marble-BankThe outside of the building is still grand and imposing, but you’ve heard that years of neglect have led to the ruin of the interior. Anticipating a gloomy, cobweb-filled vestibule you are taken aback as you enter an enormous room filled with sunlight. Sure, some panels of the skylight that occupies much of the ceiling are shattered or cracked and the walls and floor are in terrible disrepair, but the sweeping scale of the space, with remnants of its past glory still intact, somehow manages to take your breath away. You feel as if you’ve gone back in time and can imagine a busy, energetic scene as early twentieth-century bank tellers tend to their clientele while horse-drawn carriages pass by on Forsyth Street, just outside.

Article written by Eva Dasher



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Author: Arbus

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