This Is Where We Meet: Creative Portraits

cre•a•tive [krē ā′tiv]  /  relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work: change unleashes people’s creative energy | creative writing.  • (of a person) having good imagination or
original ideas

creative portraits 600We may not all be visual artists, capable of painting a masterpiece or writing a symphony, but everyone possesses some creative ability and imagination. Creativity infuses many areas of our daily lives; even though sometimes it can be somewhat abstract.  /  Arbus tasked five local artists, working in a variety of artistic mediums, to create a portrait of someone within the creative community whom they admire. The guidelines set forth were only that whomever they chose, that person had to work within the creative community. And the results are very provocative in thought and scope. The creatives selected come from a variety of professions: they include a jazz singer, a writer and producer, a Jacksonville Symphony administrator, a visual artist, and a creative designer and photographer. / Just as our art and cultural community here in Northeast Florida spans all genres and resides in all corners of our area, so do our participating artists: From the beaches, Springfield, San Marco, Riverside and yes, even Orange Park, we have photographers, painters, a writer, cartoonist, and more who have created these tributes to their chosen creative.  /  Here is where they come together and “This is where we meet.”  /  This Is Where We Meet, creative portraits by artists Renee Parenteau, Tiffany Manning, Ed Hall, Shawn Meharg and Hiromi Mizugai Moneyhun, will be on display at the Bold Bean Coffee Roasters in the Riverside location, 869 Stockton Street, begining December 8 and showing through January 2015.

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