Now More Than Ever …

A phrase that has been used exhaustively for over a year. We’ve all seen it: letters, emails, maybe even a Zoom invite. Yet, even as we may laugh it off, “there’s that phrase again,” there is still a piece that settles in the mind as truth. Now more than ever …

We long for loud dinners filled with friends, family, and laughter.

We look forward to the day when we can, without any doubt, shake the hand of a new acquaintance.

We miss looking across a crowded room and seeing the vast variety of expressions gracing the faces of strangers.

We crave the opportunity to hug a dear friend, parent, or grandparent.

Within the last year, these are all statements that have probably crossed our minds in some capacity. In the arts industry, now more than ever, we have missed the inexplainable, deep, emotional interaction that comes from sharing a live performance experience in a packed concert hall, museum, or theater. 

As we cautiously tiptoe our way into a future where we can once again enjoy the things we took for granted, we also want to take this chance to look back on a year of challenges and achievements. In September 2020, the Jacksonville Symphony was one of five orchestras throughout the country opening to the public for performances in a concert hall. This is a huge accomplishment and something that the Jacksonville community should be proud of. 

By June 12, 2021, the Jacksonville Symphony will have performed nearly 70 concerts inside Jacoby Symphony Hall for approximately 40,000 people. Jacksonville has led the way for how to safely and successfully reopen a concert hall amidst a pandemic. In the light of COVID-19 we know that now more than ever, our community needs the escape of music to ease the burden of isolation, financial struggle, job-related stress, and so much more. 

Whether you have purchased a ticket, made a donation, watched a livestreamed performance, or even simply followed us on social media for the first time—you made an impact. It is your support of the arts in our community that allows Jacksonville to have such a vibrant and thriving arts and cultural scene. 

Now more than ever, we thank you.  

Author: Arbus

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