Pink Martini

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Pink Martini draws inspiration from music around the globe while crossing the genres of classical, jazz and old-fashioned pop. Featuring a dozen instrumentalists, Pink Martini performs its multilingual repertoire on concert stages and with symphony orchestras throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Northern Africa, Australia/New Zealand and North America.

Pink Martini is the brainchild of Thomas Lauderdale, who in the early 1990s was thinking of running for mayoral office. He slowly became frustrated, but was fascinated by the musical entertainment he heard during political society events. Consequently, he formed the “little orchestra,” Pink Martini, in 1994 to make music that appeals to everyone, from liberals to conservatives, worldwide. Over twenty years later, they’re still going strong. “If the United Nations had a house band, this would be it!” says Lauderdale.

Florida Theatre, 128 East Forsyth St., 355-2787.

Author: Arbus

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