Pompeii Quartz

pompeii Main_image_1Any Old Stone of Northeast Florida, is an exclusive distributor of Pompeii Quartz, a product known for strength, durability, consistent color, and easy care.
Its proprietary natural surface material is made of over 90% pure and natural quartz with a mixture of resins and colors. It’s a great option if you are looking for the consistency and durability of granite in a more contemporary color palette.

Advantages of Pompeii Quartz Products:
Easy care – just wipe with soap & water Extremely dense, reducing absorption, cracking & chipping Highly resistant to heat, scratches & abrasion Extremely stain resistant High resistance to chemicals & acids Highly resistant to mold, mildew & bacteria Limited 15 year warranty

The exceptional and superior technical features, large slab size combined with beauty and aesthetic flexibility, safe and easy processing and transformation of slabs into furnishing elements are all assets of Pompeii Quartz.
Some of its many well-suited applications include kitchens, vanities, bars, and active pompeii secondary_image_2worktops. Because of this versatility in a broad range of applications, Pompeii Quartz has surpassed many other alternative solutions including natural stone, ceramics and synthetic materials.
Currently there are over fifty-five colors (including five brushed surfaces) and twenty-nine+ earth tone colors such as sandy beiges, browns, deep blacks and pure whites including Extra! Extra! – the most perfect white surface available on the market!
Pompeii Quartz, is available through Any Old Stone, in full (55”x118”) and half (27.5” x 118”) slab sizes, and ¾” or 1¼” thicknesses.
Any Old Stone, 5011 Sunbeam Rd, (904) 371-4471.

Author: Arbus

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