RBG, Our Torchbearer by Marsha Glazière (2019)

My work has always addressed matters of personal and global substance. Some paintings express the female experience specifically, contrasting the paradox of women’s iconography today with that of the past—revealing the disparity which impedes opportunities for women everywhere in all aspects of our lives. I also continue to focus on environmental change and impending disastrous results of non-action affecting everyone—everywhere. I believe that bringing visual expression and metaphor to the issues of our times is a meaningful and artistic way to shed light on their importance.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been a quintessential role model for me and for significant numbers of women. She was a beacon of light for all who seek and work for equal rights and opportunities, equal justice, and peace.         

Personifying RBG as the Statue of Liberty, which depicts Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty, made perfect sense to me as a way of honoring the essential values of integrity and liberty for all that Ruth Bader Ginsburg embodied and fought for.

The roots comprising her robe represent our roots as a country as they incorporate the kaleidoscope of its citizenry.

Author: Arbus

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