Robert Leedy

fsg image001thru jan 7, 2015
Florida watercolorist Robert Leedy is known for his strong sense of light and color. Loose washes of bold, luminous color readily define his unique, personal style. His paintings celebrate the medium of watercolor through mingling color, unusual color mixes and granulating washes. His inspiration arrives from a variety of sources and his subject matter ranges from architecture, landscapes and figurative work to still lifes and non-representational pieces; yet it is that play of light and color that reemerges as a common denominator throughout his work.

Though he works in other media, Leedy views watercolor as a perfect fit. He believes that “growing up around all of this water” may have had some influence, and he sees watercolor as an ideal travel companion for its immediacy and optimum portability. Leedy enjoys nature and a big portion of his work is done outdoors, en plein air.

First Street Gallery, 216 1st St., Neptune Beach, 241-6928.

Author: Arbus

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