Smoke and Mirrors: Sculpture and the Imaginary

rozin_anglesmirror2_HR 600sept 19 – jan 24, 2016
What happens in the mind when we perceive a work of art? Is it a literal representation or a false, artificial reality of something familiar? What techniques are artists employing to alter our perception? Is it all just smoke and mirrors?
Often striking and ambiguous, at times both alluring and strange, the complex sculptures in Smoke and Mirrors: Sculpture and the Imaginary explore the art of illusion.
Blurring the line between reality and fiction, the six national and international sculptors – Chul Hyun Ahn, James Clar, Patrick Jacobs, Ken Matsubara, Daniel Rozin, and Kathleen Vance – employ a variety of indiscernible techniques and mystifying illusionistic effects to accomplish levels of deception.
Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville,
333 North Laura Street, 366-6911.

Author: Arbus

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