Spring is in the air and what a wonderful feeling that is—as wonderful as the feeling of celebrating Arbus Magazine’s 30th anniversary with you all! 

For the Love of Books

As a publisher, I absolutely love books and magazines. The history of local independent bookstores in the United States has been an essential part of our literary and political education. Thomas Paine used bookstores to circulate “Common Sense,” which made the case for independence from Great Britain and seeded the idea of revolution. Later, literature about the suffragists and civil rights was disseminated via bookstores, which historically provided a safe haven for community gatherings and discussions. We are fortunate to have wonderful independent bookstores in Jacksonville and you can discover many of them in our article starting on page 16.

As spring fills the air, so does the thought of exploring our national and local parks. Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the nation’s despair and hopelessness in the mid-1930s by setting government initiatives to put millions back to work. The Federal Arts Project, part of the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration, resulted in remarkable creations by newly hired artists including posters that showcased the splendor of our National Parks. In this issue, you can discover the beauty of our local parks in recent posters created by Kathy Stark. Her artwork serves as a testament to our community’s commitment to preserving its natural treasures. (See article on page 24.)

Women Of Influence

Thirty years ago Arbus Magazine began dedicating one issue annually to highlighting some of the area’s most influential and award-winning entrepreneurial and businesswomen. This special section (beginning on page 44) continues to serve an important purpose in drawing much deserved attention to the women who change and contribute to our community in myriad ways. 

Enjoy putting a little culture and fun in your life. 

Cinda Sherman, Publisher     

It’s all somewhere on every corner!                          

Author: Arbus

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