The Art of the Radiant Heart: Talking to Terese Sadler

Heart of Hearts by Terese Sadler-1Terese Sadler, a North Florida-based artist, has embarked on a venture she calls Radiant Heart Waves art. The images are painted and collaged heart shapes, which are sent out into the world as digital files. These works are a reflection of the artist’s idea that this is her contribution to the wellbeing of the world. She notes that she has gifted many of them to veterans, the homeless, and inspirational leaders. She began this project in September of 2013.

Heart of Hearts by Terese Sadler-11One of her goals is to get one million radiant hearts out across the globe. She explains: “Beauty and nature have a high energy frequency that heals. Beauty opens the heart and raises the vibrational frequencies. Surrounding yourself with beauty balances and harmonizes, calms the nervous system, slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, softens breathing and uplifts the spirit.” Her ultimate goal, which runs concurrent to the free distribution of the images, is to partner with a publishing agency. She sees her hearts licensed for cards, gift products, home décor items, clothing, and more. “As I reach for my highest creative expression of life, I open my heart and make myself available for the miraculous to create with and through me,” she says of her process.

Heart of Hearts by Terese Sadler-13Arbus Magazine sat down to talk to Ms. Sadler about her work. Read the edited transcript here:

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