The Black Beach

Feb. 21 – May 21

The Black Beach is a multi disciplinary contemporary art exhibition inspired by the history- to present state of the famous American Beach. Abraham Lincoln Lewis, the first black millionaire in the state of Florida, bought and led the development of the famous strip of land in 1935. Established in defiance of segregation and the Jim Crow laws of the era, American Beach was a safe space for African Americans, drawing famous visitors from Hank Aaron to Ray Charles and Ossie Davis, as well as thousands of African American families each year for several decades.

Local artists Dustin Harewood, Malcolm Jackson and Jordan Walter present a fresh look at an important piece of North Florida History through the mediums of photography, graphic design and mixed media painting. They hope to tell a story that begins with Lewis and ends with the efforts of MaVynee Betch, Lewis’ great-granddaughter (the Beach Lady).

Reception – February 20, 5:30 p.m. Heather Moore Community Gallery, 

Cathedral Arts Project, 207 N. Laura Street, Suite 300, 281-5599.

Author: Arbus

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