The Stories Within by Tiffany Manning

Thru Jan. 23

Tiffany Manning is a local, contemporary fine artist and portrait photographer. Her drive to create is fueled by a lifelong fascination with energy – specifically the way it moves through people to form the connective tissue that weaves our world together. Aspects of energy rooted somewhere between science and spirit are what excite her the most.

Coupled with a process heavily influenced by music and dance, Manning creates an environment which allows her to surrender and simply be present with the canvas. There is a palpable energetic presence coursing through her work that is deeply grounded in joy and happiness, because that is what she hopes to leave behind long after the work is done.

The Heather Moore Community Gallery, Cathedral Arts Project, Inc., 207 N. Laura St., Suite 300, 281-5599.

Author: Arbus

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