Through Your Own Lens

Thru Oct. 1

The latest exhibit brought to the public at Jacksonville International Airport (JAX), “Through Your Own Lens,” features original, abstract, and mixed media paintings by Sara Conca (shown here), Keith Doles, Caitlin Flynn, Tiffany Manning, and Abbey Matthews.

Abstract art is open to interpretation and that is one of its most beautiful aspects. Abstraction gives us the freedom to explore the artwork and assign our own meaning to the piece should we choose to do so. This intensely personal process enriches our experience when viewing non-representational work.

All art is created within a certain context. Artists, like their art, are shaped by the era in which they are working. They are influenced by what is happening in society, politics, the current streams of intellectual thought intermingled with everyday pop culture, and their own daily lives. These factors leave impressions on the artist’s mind, knowingly or not, and in turn determine the form and direction of the artwork.

Stop into the Haskell Gallery at JAX to view these fine artists’ interpretations of today’s world through their own abstracted lenses.

Jacksonville International Airport, Main Terminal, 14201 Pecan Park Road,

Author: Arbus

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