Tony Rodrigues—Flex Deficit

Thru January 28

    Corner Gallery Artist-in-Residence Tony Rodrigues presents a multi-media exhibition: “Flex Deficit: Economic Injustice, Education, and Poverty.” 

     As described by Rodrigues, “Flex Deficit” is a playfully biting take on our perceptions of wealth, success, value, luxury, and excess. Scenarios depicting hypothetical future settings portray decayed structures, objects, and status symbols as artifacts. Pondering our collapsed culture through an archeological lens prompts questions about the meaning of materialism and human worth. The textures in each of these paintings use a combination of crushed marble with latex and appear to be crumbling. This is metaphoric of the subject matter and an indication of a fallen culture. These pieces are not meant to be cautionary tales of entropy set in some distant time or place. They address the very real ways in which our society might devolve into a society of show through our fixations on vapid self-reinvention and meaningless novelty.

Corner Gallery, Jessie Ball duPont Center, 40 E. Adams St.,

Author: Arbus

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