Why I Create

By Casey Matthews

Casey Matthews, “A Good Heckle in the Margins,” 36 in. x 48 in.

Art making has been the only constant activity in my life. I lose interest in things easily; yet I have always made time to create. Creating art feeds my soul and grounds me both mentally and physically. It is my intention to live a creative life and create work that is original, honest, and authentic and that is an extension of my personality: multilayered, colorful, playful, and adventurous. I am always learning and pushing myself to be the best artist that I can possibly be and not become too complacent.

My process: I strive to create rich paintings with multimedia surfaces that are visually intriguing, fluid. and full of energy. They incorporate expressive color, movement, and strong elements of design. The work combines observation, technique, exploration, and reinvention. Over the years, a visual language has developed—a series of gestures and marks that make up a unique dialog. It is a vague form of communication in an attempt to achieve tension, balance, and beauty. From a distance, the works impose a singular statement of color, composition, and tone; viewed closely, they suggest a complex narrative that is multihued and textured.

My creativity begins with a constant state of awareness and appreciation for everything around me. I am always noticing patterns in nature and the way inanimate objects and shapes harmonize with each other. I’m inspired by color, how colors interact and react with each other, motion, flow, and organic repetition. My work is intuitive and process driven. I enjoy the drips and splatters—and the journey they inspire.

I currently live and work on Amelia Island, Florida.

See Casey Matthews’s work at Hillary Whitaker Gallery, 240 A1A N. #13, Ponte Vedra Beach, (904) 273-6065, www.hwhitakergallery.com.

Author: Arbus

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