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Art (Re)Public

“It’s too ambitious.” In January 2016, when the first whispers about Art (Re)Public could be overheard from a nearby table at Bold Bean, this was the general consensus. While nearly everyone loved the idea, many said it couldn’t be done. It was too ambitious. There wasn’t enough time.

Heather Aguilera’s Healing Art

Even as I blink to adjust my eyes from the bright summer sun to the dimly lit interior of Spring Park Coffee in Green Cove Springs I immediately spot Heather Aguilera. Her stylishly bohemian dress, layers of funky jewelry, and long flowing tresses all cry out, “there’s an artist in the building!” However, Aguilera’s medium is quite different from that of most artists: her canvas is the human body.

Art promotes healing, well-being for cancer patients at UF Health Proton Therapy Institute

Conversation gently buzzes, punctuated every now and then with a burst of laughter, a hearty greeting, or even sometimes a tear-laced wail. This is a gathering spot, a playroom, an art studio and music performance space all-in-one. It is the main lobby and waiting room at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute.

What Makes You Happy?

Over a hundred and sixty people gathered for the opening reception of Inside The Outline at MOCA Jacksonville in August. The exhibit consists of silhouettes of twenty-six patients at Wolfson and Nemours Children’s Speciality Care. Art With a Heart in Healthcare (AWAHIH) asked each patient, “What makes you happy?”

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