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Locally-Owned Gold Star Restaurants

In this, our annual issue championing excellence in local dining, we share restaurants — specifically, locally-owned ones — that are favorites of the Arbus staff, our friends and readers. This year we’re doing something different: we’re highlighting a host of our favorite spots by way of their signature dishes, deconstructed then plated.

Bulla Cubana

Starting in January, North Florida residents will be rocking to the celebration sounds of Cuban arts and culture with the debut of Bulla Cubana, a multi-venue, three-month festival taking place across Gainesville’s cultural centers through March.

8,000 Pounds of Snapper

“We figured we needed to catch 8,000 pounds of Red Snapper to break even.” The painter waves his tan sailor arms, righting his glass of Scotch mid gesture. Not a drop breaches the rim. The painter sits in his studio with a half-killed fifth of Macallan 12 Year. Paintings from a recent trip to Cuba circle his feet.

Anne Frank — A History for Today

Anne Frank ~ we know the name. After all, more than thirty million copies of her famous diary have sold in seventy languages around the world. Movies, television productions and plays based on her diary have continued to spread Anne Frank’s story, but what do we know of the legacy of this document and its message and relevance to our lives today?

19th Century Masterworks at The Cummer

Most art produced during the nineteenth-century was anchored in the ideologies set forth by well-established academies, despite a changing artistic climate where many artists challenged the relevance of such a rigid system of teaching, promotion, and patronage.

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