2018 Gold Star Restaurants

Our annual Gold Star Restaurants issue champions excellence
in local dining and shares restaurants — specifically, locally-owned ones — that are favorites of the Arbus staff, our friends and readers. This list also presents the buzz of the past year, calling to the spotlight new locations that are quite literally the talk of the town.

We’ve listed no less than twelve New and Noteworthy restaurants that opened in 2017! This may be the most yet for our Gold Star annual additions, and we’re so excited about Jacksonville’s current culinary climate. Full of energy and variety, high-end to casual, the spots listed in the opening section represent the city’s vanguard. Those listed in the Consistent Indulgences section represent favorites that have pleased our palates and established themselves as neighborhood icons for up to twenty-five years, or even more.

All of the Gold Star restaurants are worth visiting for an exceptional meal and a unique regional experience. They represent our area’s foundations and new directions, so use this list to get to know our community through excellent food. If you think we’ve overlooked a great eatery, shoot us an email at arbus@arbus.com and we’ll check it out … maybe even with you.

Read the Gold Star list here.

Cowford Chophouse

Author: Arbus

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