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By Cinda Sherman

Behold our 27th Annual Art and Architecture issue, our favorite issue of the year.

Architecture is both an art and a business, making it the perfect partnership for Arbus Magazine.

From Landmark to Destination

Landmarks can elevate a city to the world stage, creating a persona that people fall in love with at first sight. They help define the region and the culture in ways that attract businesses to invest and travelers to visit. Whether man-made or naturally occurring, landmarks are the foundation for cities to forge an identity. Many of us travel the world to see landmarks. When we visit a city for the first time, landmarks help orient us to the destination and make the city memorable. We tell stories, share photographs, and dream of them long after we have departed. Likewise, most of us recognize a city or place by its landmarks such as  the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or Beale Street in Memphis. (Read more on page 28.)

Setting the Stage

Efforts to elevate Jacksonville’s aesthetics have garnered interest from national and international architecture firms to develop downtown Jacksonville’s blend of old and new. Most notably, the new American Lions Jax River View Plaza which is currently under review. Led by world-class architecture firm BIG, with headuarters in Copenhagen, and New York, this $166 million mixed-use development is designed to anchor the former site of the Jacksonville Landing.  The base of that project will seamlessly connect and integrate into the Riverfront Plaza park created by the global Perkins & Will architecture firm. Could Jacksonville become the Vancouver of the South?

In the early 20th century, Jacksonville had several iconic identifiers. Much of that heritage was demolished with suburban sprawl, causing some of our identity to be lost. Wayne Wood, historian-at-large for the Jacksonville Historical Society, explains that the importance of knowing the story and artistry that goes into designing buildings helps give insight into historical figures such as Henry John Klutho. (More on page 18.)

Put a little spring in your step and enjoy putting a little culture and fun in your life. 

It’s all somewhere on every corner!       

                        Cinda Sherman, Publisher      

Author: Arbus

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