Hiromi Moneyhun ~ Yūrei (Ghosts)

“Yūrei (Ghosts)” is currently on view in the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Jacksonville’s Project Atrium series. Created by local artist Hiromi Moneyhun, the site-specific installation is a call to attention on behalf of the ocean. Utilizing her unique paper cut technique on an unprecedented scale, local artist Hiromi Moneyhun (b. 1977, Kyoto, Japan) urges us to recognize the urgency of the moment. Much of what is ailing the ocean comes from man: oil spills, agricultural and nuclear waste, overfishing, and massive amounts of plastic waste. Maybe it is too late to reverse the damage. Maybe the Yūrei are already emerging. Or is there still hope?  MOCA’s Senior Curator Ylva Rouse recently had the pleasure of interviewing the artist to learn more about her process and how she came to paper cutting as an artform. 

Full interview by Ylva Rouse, Senior Curator, MOCA Jacksonville

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Author: Arbus

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